Just been watching the coverage on Eurosport from Apeldorn of the Euro Track Champs.

Now is it just me, or does it seem very odd after an appeal from the GB mens team sprint after start-gate issue. The appeal was denied but the start gate later totally failed and they don't even have a replacement, so its back to manual starts.

So from what i understand, it did not release a GB rider correctly, they appealed, it was turned down and later on it failed to work at all, So its cost GB pretty much a guaranteed gold.

My issue is not with the appeal or it breaking, but its the bloody European championships and they don't even have a spare??  13 13 4 14


dave atkinson [6329 posts] 6 years ago

it does seem ridiculous that they'd deny an appeal based on a faulty gate, then stop using the gate. not exactly a level playing field.