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by Justaname   June 3, 2009  

Hi, I'm new to this forum and road biking. I am a MTBer who has inherited his Dads old steel bike.

I'm enjoying riding it but the seatpost needs to come up a couple of inches and it just won't budge - probably not moved for 25 years or so.

Can anyone recommend a good bike shop in Sheffeild for Road bikes - for buying and workshop stuff like the seatpost.

I live in Walkley so assume A.E. Butterworth would be a good start. Are Wilson (?) on City road a good bet as well?

And is JE James as good for road bikes as they are for MTBs?

Many thanks

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I found shifting all stuck parts on the steel frame I rescued as simple as spraying a liberal amount of WD40 into the join/gap and leaving to 'soak' for a while.

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posted by ctznsmith [102 posts]
3rd June 2009 - 16:54


depends - if it's an alu post stuck in a steel frame sometimes the only way to get it out is to melt it out Thinking

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3rd June 2009 - 16:58


yeah I had to have one melted out once, the bikeshop said they did melted them out fairly regularly - they had a bloke who specialised in the job. Tried everything to get it out beforehand: WD40, penetrating oil, taking off the saddle and clamping the seat post in a vice and then trying to move the frame - two of us had a go at that and still it wouldn't budge.

Heat got it out, but I did have to re-paint the seat tube afterwards. Gave the bike to my brother in law who lives in Brighton and the new one seized in too a few months later.

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posted by Tony Farrelly [4201 posts]
3rd June 2009 - 18:07


Check Decathlon out for pretty decent priced stuff (huge store in the city), not sure about them doing any work themselves though. Plus you get to see just how much sporting equipment one company can fit into a warehouse sized store, it's crazy.
I've heard of a method involving drilling a hole through said stuck seat post, them inserting a rod of metal through lovely hole then giving the rod a ruddy good whacking with a hammer. Obviously a new seat post is required after using this method. Big Grin

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3rd June 2009 - 22:24


Tried that on my bike when the post got stuck… it just bent the rod Sad

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3rd June 2009 - 23:02


Hope it's ok to post this here - thread full of stuck seatpost advice, and inspiration (perhaps) from Cyclechat;

"Tant que je respire, j'attaque!"

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4th June 2009 - 8:35