Hi all,

A few friends and I are keen to do one of the recently announced L'Etape Du Tour stages this year. This will be our first L'Etape adventure and I'd like some advice from any previous participants out there on which travel company to go with.

I've heard stories both good and bad so it would be good to see if a consensus emerges based on recent experiences.




CycleGringo [92 posts] 5 years ago

I would suggest you drive/fly over if there is a few of yous and camp it mate.

I have done the Etape twice, the first time was with Sports Tours Int whom I found good but I have heard bad reviews. However I found them great but very overpriced, but all tour company's will be overpriced for the Etape du Tour.

Second time I drove over, a long drive but cheaper that a tour company. You could consider a flight and car hire I reckon that will be more cost-effective. I am doing the La Marmotte 2012 this way.

Is it Acte 1 or 2? Whatever it is you will find campsites and hotels so don't let that be a factor of not going without a tour company.

I suggest fly or drive whichever is cheaper and camp. Good luck.