Wake up and take women's money!

by angelcastillo   October 11, 2011  

How cool is the new Road CC cycling kit? Siiick (and that's good in the slang way).

Know why I'll never buy one or three for that matter? NO WOMEN'S SPECIFIC SIZES. That's right Road CC and every other manufacturer that misses the boat, doesn't get my money. Remember that scene from PRETTY WOMAN when Julia Roberts goes back into the store that snubbed her, holds up thousands of dollars worth of clothing and says, "Big mistake. Big. HUGE!"? It's like that. Thinking

Why is that perhaps the most repeated mistake in cycling clothing ever? I've got no clue, because women spend more money then men when it comes to clothing. Period. If you don't believe me, get up and go look in a woman's closet. We always have at least TWICE the amount of clothing.

If clothing fits properly, we'll buy multiples of EXACTLY THE SAME THING. (Go ahead, I'll wait while you look in the closet for the identical pairs of jeans or tshirts. I promise, they're there).

"We always sell more mens kits than womens". Well maybe that's because there are very few manufacturers that get womens cycling jersey fit correct. I can only count a handful of manufacturers that get it right (Rapha, Sugoi and Pearl Izumi-the pro line only),and I'm going to guess that women were involved in approving the samples for those companies.

I've got boobs and I've got hips. I've tried and I simply cannot wear mens jerseys. The top part fits okay, but the smaller dimension on the bottom rides up to the middle of my waist within five minutes of just getting ready for my ride.

Wake up Road CC! I want jerseys!

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We're not getting jerseys made in anything like the quantities that Pearl Izumi, Rapha and Sugoi produce them, but I take your point about women customers.

Currently we get our jerseys made by Pactimo, based on their Ascent jersey, and they do produce more than one range of women's jerseys so next time we re-stock we'll get some in.

…I've never seen Pretty Woman though

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posted by Tony Farrelly [4201 posts]
11th October 2011 - 23:08


There's a very obvious reason why lots of clothing manufacturers don't make women's clothing and why many shops refuse to stock it.

To put it simply, there is a vast gender divide amongst cyclsts. One company that I deal with actually puts their women's market at just 2% of their buisness (and they make a lot of items).

Now imagine you're only selling 1000 jerseys a year (as a small clothing manufacturer), 2% of that would be just 20 jerseys! Hardly worth it.
Similarly, the women customers will then expect their jersey to be a comparable price to the men's item and in 3 colours, 5 sizes and 2 sleeve lengths. Add to this that women can be some VERY different shapes from each other (more variables, boobs basically) which will possibly reduce demand for the item even more.

As a shop, that same economy of scales is another off putting factor towards stocking women's clothing. Especially since only one of the major brands does Sale-Or-Return and the margins are absolutly nothing compared to high street fashion. Yet just like the high street, colours and fashions are constantly changing.

Shops and manufacturers have a job to do, which is to make money. I'm afraid as yet, it's not quite worth it.

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12th October 2011 - 19:48


Liz Hatch doesn't look the business mind you Thinking


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21st December 2011 - 3:21


I disagree, men are starting to spend more than women on clothes and cosmetics. Our suits can range from a few £100 to £1000's.

Anyway yes! women cut' jerseys are definately needed my GF cannot use male baselayers.

Some Men will say this too:

"I've got boobs and I've got hips. I've tried and I simply cannot wear mens jerseys. The top part fits okay, but the smaller dimension on the bottom rides up to the middle of my waist within five minutes of just getting ready for my ride."

After riding in a mixed group on Sunday I am still suffering from viewing this Devil my eyes!

And while we're at it, why is male cycle clothing so dull compared to female garments?

But OP I agree with you, but as above its based on economics. Just like shoes -sold in the most common sizes.

Get enough women to pay/place an order with roadcc?

I like my bike but it needs a hidden 25cc motor Smile

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21st December 2011 - 18:02