Ricardo Neis - has he been sentenced?

by chorltonjon   October 10, 2011  

Does anyone know what happened to him? The incident happened in Feb and seems to have been dropped by the media.

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Good point chorltonjon, we keep a regular lookout but so far nothing. Last report we had was they he had been moved to a secure psychiatric institution while the investigation continued. It may well be that the wheels of Brazilian are still turning - I'd be surprised if they are not, certainly given the profile the case had I doubt that it could have been dropped without the media getting wind of it.

Well, you'd hope that would be the case

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posted by Tony Farrelly [4176 posts]
10th October 2011 - 21:23


The guy is not mentally ill. Mentally ill people cannot hold down a job, drive a car, form objectives throughout the day, plan for the future etc. We all know what happened. He lost his temper and just decided it would be ok to drive through a crowd of cyclists.

posted by londonplayer [671 posts]
10th October 2011 - 23:08


Well, except in his case he'd got previous for driving his car the wrong way down a busy street, driving on the pavement, possession of an illegal firearm, with I think the suggestion that he'd threatened his ex-wife with it.

From what I read the suggestion wasn't that he was mentally ill it was that he was/is a psychopath - history teaches that many such people are quite capable of holding down a job… my daily ride to work suggests that more than a few are also quite capable of driving a car, bus, or lorry.

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posted by Tony Farrelly [4176 posts]
10th October 2011 - 23:33


There seems to have been some progress on the case although it hasn't as yet come to any conclusion, and the only articles I have found are in Portuguese.

I don't understand Portuguese but according to my interpretation of machine translations, an
article last February reported very little progress, but a more recent
article in June seems to be saying he has been committed for trial.

Is there anyone who does understand Portuguese who might be able to provide a better insight?

posted by IanMiller [1 posts]
19th August 2012 - 16:35