If you read the excellent Cycling Inquisition blog you'll know that Klaus has recently started selling some clothing to help cover the costs of the blog. It's really good stuff, made to order by Hincapie clothing in Colombia (naturally).

Pictures of jerseys at http://www.cyclinginquisition.com/2011/09/cycling-inquisition-jerseys-an...

I've got 2 jerseys, 1 black and 1 white, in size M -- a size too small for me, it turns out. The jerseys are Hincapie's race cut which comes up quite small - I'm 5'8" but long in the body, so more like 5'9" in jersey sizes, and M is too small for me. I would say they're similar to a Sportful size M, Gore size S or Pearl Izumi size S.

These cost $75 each plus shipping from the US (total would be about $160 for 2, or GBP 105). They're unworn except for one try-on, and have the tags and bags with them. Yours for £35 each or £65 the pair, posted to UK or pick them up in central or NW London.

[EDIT: added price for 1 jersey only]


msw [113 posts] 6 years ago

White jersey now sold, black one still available