WTD- vintage racing bike for commute

by alx   October 3, 2011  

If any ones got a old drop bar racing bike with a steel frame (you know the type)hidden in the back of the garage(dont mind a bit of rust or general maintenance) that they will sell for about £70 that will help me avoid the bus i would be very happy.

Will pay P & P as I currently reside within Hull and cannot collect from anywhere.

Please help or else it will soon be an expensive bus pass for me.


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I know you say vintage, but i'm just trying to be helpful as i don't have one and i'm not in that area, but keep you eyes peeled on ebay, there are often older bikes down your way as i've seen many that i've been bidding on, just did a quick search and the only drop bar with gears in hull just now is this


Its a bit modern though

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posted by Gkam84 [9360 posts]
3rd October 2011 - 23:52


thanks for the help, but living where i do (although hull is actualy a really nice place)things
flashy and bright like the bike may not be there when
i want to go home.
so i would prefer something older with maybe a bit of rust and then i wont have to use my feet.

Thanks again for the help though

posted by alx [24 posts]
4th October 2011 - 15:33


Hi Alex

I have a Falcon (Ernie Clements designed) 57cm frame size, it has a really great Reynolds 531 frame it just looks tatty, so might suit your needs. It has Sakae Champion drop handle bars and weinmann center pull breaks and a 10 speed shimano set. It's in rough condition but is a sweet ride. I can send you pics if you're still looking.



posted by jbp [16 posts]
6th October 2011 - 10:00


yeah im still looking,
would like to see the pics though if you could post them or email me at


posted by alx [24 posts]
6th October 2011 - 22:13


I have a 1984 Raleigh Record Sprint that might fit the bill and needs a new home, but wouldn't ask £70 for it - back wheel is slightly out (needs truing) and it's a little tired, though rideable.

A colleague of mine has family near Hull (NE15, N Humberside?). I could ask him if he would be willing to take it with him.

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posted by Simon E [2413 posts]
7th October 2011 - 12:18

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