Smiling  1 , is it wrong to do when you are struggling to get to the top of a hill, breathing in air from a different county and someone overtakes you with a polite 'Hello' just as you are reaching the top?

As i was out riding today i found myself smiling more and more, maybe it was because there were a lot more riders out, maybe it was because the sun was shining or low and behold, no near misses with buses etc.

Or could it be that cycling is so good for the soul that you automatically smile like an idiot no matter what is thrown at you?

Smile and be happy  4


stewieatb [296 posts] 6 years ago

I was in a sportive a week or two ago, the Jennings River Ride in the lakes, going over Whinlatter/Newlands/Honister. After descending Honister it's an easy, flattish run down the side of the lake to Keswick. At that point, of course, the heavens opened, this being Borrowdale. I was laughing my head off and smiling through the rain all the way back  4