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by Fringe   May 27, 2009  

on various online shops they mention that when buying Sidi cycling shoes that you buy a size up from your norm. due to Italian sizing..does anyone know if this is wise.. only asking seeing as i fancy getting a pair, but will have to resort to ebay, as the new ones are a bit outa my price league at the moment. thanks, in a advance.

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Well, I'm definitely from the 'try before you buy' school of thought when it comes to shoes - partly cos I've suffered testing shoes I didn't try first.

Also it's particularly important if you haven't worn Sidi shoes in the past - length is one thing but there is also width to consider, plus the shape of the footbed etc etc

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posted by Tony Farrelly [4201 posts]
27th May 2009 - 15:46


yeah, finding a stockist round these parts is the problem..its all shimano, shimano shimano..

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posted by Fringe [1097 posts]
27th May 2009 - 15:57


I love them, the best thing about them is that everything is replaceable, I have had my current pair for 7 years and in that time I've had 3 sets of the heel blocks, whereas the Nike Lance shoes I had before lasted one season before I wore through the carbon fibre heel and rendered the shoes useless.

Size is tricky, I am a 43 shoesize normally, but I take a 46 !!! in Sidis, although a 45Mega is probably the best fit. They took a while to stretch to fit my width, but in the end they are like slippers. Love them. Try some in a shop if you can but if you find the size fits and they are comfy, there is nothing better.

posted by roadiesean [74 posts]
1st June 2009 - 19:54


Sidi's are like slippers. Tight in width when you first buy but they stretch in no time and last forever. Mine are a size up. I wouldn't wear anything else now on and off road.

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posted by McFaul [7 posts]
2nd June 2009 - 9:49


thanks for the help, will just save up and get some new 'uns rather than chance my arm on ebay..

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posted by Fringe [1097 posts]
2nd June 2009 - 12:03


Not sidi's, My boyfriend wants a pair (they do look very nice) but how much!? I am going to put my foot down on this one Im afraid.

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posted by TwiggyHo [60 posts]
3rd June 2009 - 10:39


Bought soem Sidi's in my usual size in a sale from here:

and they fitted fine.

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posted by Blackhound [466 posts]
3rd June 2009 - 21:14


Look on sidicafe as there is a very useful brand comparison chart.

posted by radar [55 posts]
4th June 2009 - 20:49