This is might be a bit of a stupid question but I've just bought a Campag threaded headset for my GF's frame. I've just taken it out of the box and checked all of the pieces and there don't seem to be any ball races.

Do these headsets simply not need them?
Am I supposed to buy them separately?
Or have I got a duff headset and I should return it?




nick_rearden [438 posts] 6 years ago

You should have at least eight parts consisting in order from the bottom of a crown race which presses onto the fork, a set of caged balls, lower and upper head tube races that press into the headtube, another set of caged balls, an adjustable race that screws down the threads of the steerer, a washer that drops on top of that and then a lock nut that carefully tightens down to hold everything in place.

Any less than that and something's been swiped from the box which is a notorious problem with headset parts and why everyone always should check a headset before posting it out. Hope that helps.

Gromski [59 posts] 6 years ago

About 2 mins after I posted this I took another look at the spindle that the headset comes on. Turns out the ball races are hiding in a cleverly disguised compartment in the bottom. All parts present and correct...

*shuffles off slightly embarrassed* :\">