Forgive me if this is a bit of a naive question ...

At the World Championships, what is the relationship b/t the national teams and the pro teams? I gather that the pro team setups seem to trump national teams, but ... I'm curious about all of the little logistical issues. Which DS/coach is in the car? What about gear, mechanics, kit, etc?

In some ways it seems less complicated for the national teams that have sponsorship deals (sky/GB, rabobank/NL), but what happens for riders from other teams (so, for example, Cavendish or Millar ... they're presumably riding Specialized/Cervelo, but ... who's their coach/DS for the WC)?

Come to think of it ... I happened to run into Greg Lemond in 1990 in the Seoul airport following the WC, and he was in full Team Z kit (got photos and autographs and everything ... I was 14 and that autographed picture sat on my desk for years and years afterwards), so perhaps that answers my question? In which case ... what's the role of the national team?


notfastenough [3718 posts] 5 years ago

I wondered this as well, because you could potentially end up with a team of guys on all different bikes, but I suppose this must happen - you wouldn't want to be forced onto a new, unfamiliar bike for such a big race? I do know cavendish asked his contact at specialised for a 'stealth black' venge for the WC, so minus any HTC/sponsor branding.