Polish a Carbon Frame?

by phax71   September 19, 2011  

Hi all...

Way back when I had my roadbike built up, the meachanic told me that I need'nt buy specialist polishes, etc and that I could use other stuff instead.

I cannae remember quite what he suggested but think it may have been Duraglit / Brassrub or possibly even some type of soap ???

What do you guys use for buffing up your carbon frames? Any suggestions?

Cheers all!!

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Spooky, we've got a review of a carbon polish - slated to publish this evening from Brunox. I'll move it up the queue a bit

Got to say we use nothing fancier than a damp cloth

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posted by Tony Farrelly [4160 posts]
19th September 2011 - 12:41


Babywipes. I would have thought Duraglit and Brasso were too abrasive for any bicycle frame.

posted by pjay [229 posts]
19th September 2011 - 13:26


+1 for babywipes use them to clean bike all the time Wink

posted by issacforce [206 posts]
20th September 2011 - 1:11


Specialized UK recommeneded me to use polish for my s-works frame that was loosing its colour (more grey than black) when wet, (suggesting the laquer was absorbing water) will ask them which one. the s-works frames are light but lack the upper layer of 3x or similar and a heavy going over of toxic polyurathane varnish of most carbon frames, including their own pro versions of the same bikes... in the name of saving weight. I also have a suspicion that the matt top-coat is not as durable/water resistant/ reassuring as the gloss ones????

i should imagine if you have the usual industrial, high gloss, hard-as-nails poly top coat, all you need is baby wipes, etc as above posts say tho. if you are noticing the laquer being thin, the carbon changing hue with water, etc will ask what polish and post back.

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20th September 2011 - 7:44

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Cheers all...

I'm sure theres a a loada wet wipes lying around here somewhere, may just give her a good wipedown and buff after a weekends riding (weather permitting)..

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posted by phax71 [301 posts]
20th September 2011 - 9:24


multisurface cleaner........... NOT furniture polish ........ have used it for years........ and years... Wave

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posted by ashy_2002 [56 posts]
20th September 2011 - 22:50