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by thefatcyclist   September 14, 2011  

I have a Specialized female specific Ruby comp, bacause I am only 160cm tall. I am feeling a bit cramped in the drops, and think my geometry is off a wee bit. How do you all feel about a variable height stem and changing my staright seat post for an ofset one. In the drops my knees hit my forearms. Frame size is 48 cm. I could also look at changing my omega 170cm cranks for 160-165.

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The frame size for your height sounds fine (Mrs R is 2cm taller but rides a 48, liking the shorter top tube). The issue assuming your saddle height and the position of your saddle fore-and-aft on the seatpost is correct is almost certainly the stem length and in a way I'm almost happy to hear that you say you feel 'cramped' because the far more common problem is for riders to feel - and look - over stretched and that's worse. Anyhoo...without seeing you on the bike we may well be advising you to do something a lot worse than the 'wee bit' you feel you're off now and it may just be that you need the tiniest tweak here and there and some reassurance. The adjustable stem and offset seatpost *might* help but before you commit to anything expensive I suggest you pay a visit to a nice local bike shop and ask their opinion. I know, I know, you *might* have had a terrible experience somewhere but believe me there are plenty of nice helpful people in bike shops and the best way to find them is to ask other cyclists or just google 'bike shop' and your location. Of course, they may well be thinking of lovely pricey stems and workshop charges but shop staff who are generally cyclists themselves are more likely to be thinking long term about making you happy and comfortable for the future purchases down the line.

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This bike is now STOLEN Crying

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