I'm using shimano ultegra sl wheels at the moment.

I've been looking at swapping them for something lighter.

So far i'm looking at dura ace 7900 c24cl's and
Mavic ksyrium sl wheelset

I have about £600 maybe more at a stretch.

Newish to road bikes so could do with some pointers here.



Gkam84 [9113 posts] 6 years ago

Right if i'm right, the SL's are around 1700g for the set?

What are you hoping to gain from a lighter set?

Because just having a look on Evans


Even getting something like the Mavic Ksyrium Elite your only saving around 200g and the same is true for Fulcrum 3's and most others around that price range

BUT if you decide to get a new set and are selling your own, give me a message on here, i might be interested  4

kevinP [2 posts] 6 years ago

for £340 you could get the shimano RS80s apparently same rims as the C24s but different hubs. I have the RS80s and come ultegra 6600s. Performance wise I think I notice the difference in tyres (michelin krylions - maxis refuse) more than the wheels. Although having said that the RS80s do noticably smooth out the road.

For the same price as the C24s you could get some RS80 c50s if you want something thicker.

Cheapest place for wheels


Simon E [3236 posts] 6 years ago

If you were running cheap OEM wheels you would notice a big improvement. As you already have some good, fairly light wheels I'm not sure there is a great deal to be gained (not that this should stop if you if it's what you want).

Planet-X often have good deals on carbon wheels of varying shapes and sizes, though the lightest are for tubular tyres.

Fast-rolling lightweight tyres are a sound investment. Four that get cited frequently are
- Vittoria Open Pavé
- Schwalbe Ultremo
- Michelin Pro 3 Race
- Continental GP4000S Black Chilli

ilovemytinbred [161 posts] 6 years ago

Stans rims, cx ray spokes and tune hubs. Around £750 and about 1200g.

In honesty a lot depends on intended use and whether you are light or a bit beefy. If you want race only wheels you will want a pretty different setup than mile munchers I reckon.

Tyres are also dependant on use. For the fastest ride get some veloflex records and latex inner tubes. But they will only last a short time and will puncture if you look at them funny. For all round riding I use contis even though they are slow.

heathy [11 posts] 6 years ago

Guys, thanks for all the input.

I've opted for the shimano RS80 CS50's as the rims are a bit tougher than the dura ace and i love the look of the deep rims.

Just got some specialized turbo pro tyres to put on there too.

I'm 13st and ride mainly country lanes with some A roads and its either a tues night 30 mile or sunday am 65-75 mile ride.

Just started doing a few sportives too.

Thanks again.