Knee Pain

by mancsi   September 9, 2011  

2 months ago I attached my look pedals to my road bike, I have had the bike around 8 months. I have also used the pedals on my previous bike which caused no issues. I now get the most intense pain in my right knee when at the top of a pedal stroke, I had to buy new cleats for my shoes but have no idea why/where this pain has come from. Any ideas or am I overlooking a simple fix?

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Could be the cleat position, try tweaking that a bit. Otherwise you might be like me and need to adjust your saddle position.

posted by bashthebox [647 posts]
9th September 2011 - 8:12


Cheers, I will try moving my cleat position. Saddle position though as in higher or forward..?

2 wheels please!

posted by mancsi [119 posts]
9th September 2011 - 8:44


in my case, i had to move it back a bit. But try tweaking one thing at a time to see what works.

posted by bashthebox [647 posts]
9th September 2011 - 9:58


I had a knee op last October and to stop further problems i took my bike to one of the local shops, paid £60.00 and had it set up for me after i explained about the op.

My pedals and seat were all over the place prior to the set up. Worth every penny.

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posted by stumps [2825 posts]
9th September 2011 - 15:37


Mate I got a plastic knee and the other has a synthetic cartilage, have been cycling for years without to many issues using shimano spd pedals on road & mtb. Once I changed to Look pedals on road bikes I started getting footproblems. Went to the bike shop and got a proper set up done found my leg & feet positions were miles out of where they should be. Cleats were shifted back, realigned and one had extra packing inserted.
Back on the bike next day it made an immediate improvement, should have done it years ago.

posted by chromo1990 [43 posts]
9th September 2011 - 19:29


try some footbeds, sorted me out.

posted by mrwibble [38 posts]
12th September 2011 - 19:56