recommendations for a bike around 1k ???

by kopitedavo   September 6, 2011  

hi all, have a giant fcr for last few years, cycle 1-2 hours at a time but want to change to a full racing bike.
budget of about a grand, have been looking at giant tcr's and ribble bikes.
would not know a hell of a lot about different brands/components, so any experts out there have any suggestions ???
thanks, dave

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also meant to say, would go used aswell.

posted by kopitedavo [9 posts]
6th September 2011 - 21:49


I have a Giant OCR as a winter training bike and it cost me about £1000 to set up. I bought the bike originally for £350, it had some old campag parts which i sold and put the money towards SRAM Rival/Force and some 3T parts. I already had set of Fulcrum EVO 5 wheels as a spare set for my main race bike. I put these on and have a great bike for about £1000. Do you know what gears you are using now, are you on a triple or a compact?

Ribble seem to do some nice bikes, although you may find that they are base models, once you start adding nice groupsets and wheels, you'll notice the price climbing, but with a £200 air of wheels and SRAM Rival as a gruppo you should get away with about £1400

I think going used is fine if you know what you're after, there are some bargains to be had for sure. Have a look in the back pages of Cycling Weekly, they tend to have all kinds of bikes which have generally been put together rather than picked off a shelf. (not that that's a bad thing)

Also, take a look in Evans, they have a few Cannondale's in at about £1300, depends if you can stretch another £300.

These would be all be aluminium frames with a carbon forks, if you're after a full carbon bike you'll need a bit more budget.

Cervelo S1, Zipp 404, SRAM Rival/Force, Rotor crankset and Vittoria.

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posted by stuartpeck1 [98 posts]
7th September 2011 - 0:47


triple gears on my fcr but will move to a double. i did not upgrade anything on the fcr. never ridden a really good bike, so i wouldn't really know the difference but i definitely want a racer, don't care if aluminum carbon frame. i know carbon is much more expensive.

posted by kopitedavo [9 posts]
7th September 2011 - 10:21


You're not going to go wrong with a Giant, they are well designed bikes and usually deliver a lot of bang for your buck, can't really comment on the Ribble because I've never ridden one, but you do hear good things about 'em.

Do you have any preferences for the type of frame material you want for your money? At £1000 you are just getting in to entry level carbon, but you'll probably get more from an alu bike or a carbon alloy one, or indeed a steel bikes. When it comes to aluminium race bikes Cannondale seem to be shaking things up a bit at the mo with their new CAAD 8 and CAAD 10 models - they might be worth checking out.

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posted by Tony Farrelly [4152 posts]
7th September 2011 - 10:47


I've got a Felt z85 which is an absolute dream to ride and it's now about £900.

Felt are worth a look.

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posted by stumps [2825 posts]
7th September 2011 - 11:26


thanks for your help guys, the composite tcr 2 is screaming at me but probably a little of my price range. would there be much of a difference between this and the tcr 1 for the money ???

posted by kopitedavo [9 posts]
7th September 2011 - 12:10


All the big brands (and plenty of smaller/newer ones) are superb bikes.

None of us can tell you which bike is best for you but one that fits you and feels right is top priority. Look around, visit some bike shops. Some 2011 bikes are on offer now as 2012 range are in or due very soon, so feel free to haggle!

I'd argue colour and styling is more important than specification. Why? Because you may well change the drivetrain, wheels etc sooner or later but you won't change the colour or frame shape.

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posted by Simon E [2029 posts]
9th September 2011 - 14:38


thanks simon, going to look at a couple of cube gtc bikes tomorrow. look great in pictures and reviews, fingers crossed !!!! there frames look good also Wink

posted by kopitedavo [9 posts]
9th September 2011 - 22:38


Also consider Rose bikes, they are excellent value for money-
Very light too, my Rose Pro-SL2200 with Apex is 8.1kg.

Fab website too, you can customise your bike and instantly see how it looks-


My fat to fit Blog-

My fat-to-fit blog -

posted by Firm Button [2 posts]
10th September 2011 - 16:22


You could get a good ribble for around £1000 ,,,,,AND/ BUT you may be some further discounts (soon) , their advertising budget seems to have shrunk drastically.....
wonder why ? ........

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posted by ashy_2002 [56 posts]
10th September 2011 - 19:48


OOPs forgot Planetx ..... 999 deal.... and you can get planet x 999 deals from GB cycles........ GOOD DEAL.....VERY GOOD DEAL..

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posted by ashy_2002 [56 posts]
10th September 2011 - 20:05


Specialized allez comp from Evans £1100. Aluminium and carbon. Shimano 105 all round.
However at around a grand Boardman got to get a look.

posted by thefatcyclist [584 posts]
11th September 2011 - 16:19