I have been wondering - if you could have a perfect bike shop what would you in a perfect have it be able to do

We are currently working on developing a bike shop, among other things. Not your normal shop we think. We are not just into road and Etape riding but also do urban freestyle trials, flatland BMXing, check out concrete circus on C4 Parkour yes I know its not cycling but we are not completely cycling. Being active is our core USP. We even have a version of a Boot Camp for cyclists among other things.

We also have a commitment to selling British and European brands. I know the problem with sourcing outside (china taiwan etc) but we are quite small and with our varied revenue streams we aim for quality in service from fitting and adjustment to fitness rides (qualified off road and BCF qualified coaches and on road guides).

And buying as locally as possibly appeals to us. We have tried to reduce as much as possibly items produced in Asia and the like.

Although we stock 4 known range of brands. With the internet we can't compete but we can in service and services we offer.

What would you love us to offer or supply.

We also run indoor spin class and have European styled cafe. We sell new and second hand parts and bikes. For cost reasons you could build a new bike with old and new parts. plus we run Fitness Pilates sessions for core strength and Kettlebell workout for posterior Kenetic chain mainly Hams, gluts, and lower back chain - helps better muscular balance especially for cyclists.

We have workshop with local school teaching bike maintenance to kids as well as developing cycling skills in a range of cycling disciplines.


Gkam84 [9111 posts] 6 years ago

I like your idea about having bike maintenance for kids

The one thing i'd have in my idea bike store would be, A work stand with most/all the tools your need to stripe a bike down and rebuild, then have someone who knows how to do it all, Then, for a fee, you take your bike in and get help and tips on repairing/changing or setting up the part you need done, but with hands on, so they instruct you how to do it, that way, you can learn how to do it.

YES, it may be that you end up showing someone how to do everything they need to their bike over time and loss out on money you would otherwise have from them dropping their bike in and having it serviced by yourselves like most LBS do

If something like that was available around here it would save my mates looking on youtube for a how to video, then fecking it up and me having to do it anyway for them  26

Ciaran Patrick [116 posts] 6 years ago

I like the idea. Bike shops by there very definition have very narrow niche appeal - that being selling bikes and bits and bobs

I like the idea of having a sort fix your bike while you learn, not while you wait. I think it is a positive thing improving the knowledge of our customers. We are more likely to get work if you are busy or a more major repair as the customer will be involved.

It really changes the shop/customer relationship for the better.

I like the idea I think I will use it, and it fits in with our business ethos. Great idea cheers.

Gkam84 [9111 posts] 6 years ago

The other thing that you may gain out of doing something like that apart from your customers gaining knowledge of how to DIY their bike, they will most likely come to you for parts and tools to be able to do it at home