Offence or not?

by OldRidgeback   August 31, 2011  

It does rather beg the question of how this bloke was charged for something that meets with EU regulations. I suspect that the officer involved had nothing better to do. It is rather sad that the person has had to pay a fine for not doing anything wrong and meeting EU requirements. I think the police should be forced to apologise, return the fine and issue disciplinary action against the officer concerned myself:

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Just because a part fits EU regulations is neither here nor there, it's how you use it that matters.

Without a picture of the bike i cannot say for certain, but it may have been a ladies bike with the sloping crossbar which most seats are not to be fixed onto.

There are no stupid questions, just stupid people.

posted by stumps [3172 posts]
31st August 2011 - 18:09


Hmm. As Stumpy says, hard to judge without seeing it, but if it was properly fitted then the police officer was being a right arse.

As some have suggested in the comment thread on the telegraph, he probably pleaded guilty because he had no alternative, seeing as nobody qualifies for legal aid any more.


posted by stewieatb [299 posts]
31st August 2011 - 18:35


There's a pretty good picture on the telegraph page.

As in my comment on the news item. I'm not so sure - it does look a lot like he's just taped a saddle to the top tube. Why tape? Where are the footrests?

posted by GavinT [77 posts]
1st September 2011 - 14:00


The guy says he bolted the saddle to the bike and then covered it in tape for added security. Covering it in tape would also cover over any bolts that could get in the way of his knees while riding I suppose. I can't see footrests either. It also looks as if the child's helmet is on the wrong way round.


posted by OldRidgeback [2535 posts]
1st September 2011 - 14:35