Wondering if anyone here has any feedback on the Nuun active hydration tablets.

I have a 115 miler sportive coming up later next month and read on someone's blog that these were really helpful in his 100 miler.

Looking for more feedback to confirm / dissuade from the tablets.

Also, any better alternatives to them?



Gkam84 [9119 posts] 6 years ago

Strangely enough i've been kinda trailing these and written a report to put up here, just have to finish it off

I would say they are fine for a couple of hours with them being carbohydrate-free, but you may want to get some good gels or bars with plenty of carbs in them if you go down the nuun route

The dont have a very strong flavour and have no sugar, also very handy in a tube, just slip them in your back pocket, if you grab a water bottle or re-fill on the way round, just drop the nuun in and shake, not thick and sticky like other sports drinks

I've been using the Kona Cola flavour while in my search for drinks, gels, bars and anything i like to take on rides with me

Also used once for a hangover after my only time drinking alcohol this year, worked a treat

The thing to remember is you will need something to top up your carbs and sugar levels outwith the drink

But i could not recommend them enough, although i am going to try other drinks, i think i will end up coming back to nuun's  4

rbx [226 posts] 6 years ago

Planning to add them to my current feed of bananas+chocolates and water. Should be enough, I guess  7

I was thinking of Kona Cola as well, given the hint of caffeine it has  16

Fringe [1047 posts] 6 years ago

i prefered them to the high 5 'zero' electrolyte tabs. but i reckon you only need them in hot weather on a long-ish to long ride, anything over 2/2.5 hours or such.

the cheap alternative is a third of fresh juice, two thirds water and a good pinch of salt. works just as well for me.

PeteH [151 posts] 6 years ago

I've used Nuun for a couple of years now, I think they're great but don't really have up-to-date experience of competitor drinks except for a High5 drink offered on a sportive, which I found sickly sweet in comparison.

I don't consider Nuun at all to be a food substitute, I carry bars/gels too on anything over 2 hours. Indeed Nuun are sugar-free, so I generally mix my first bottle with a bit of juice too. I take a tube of Nuun out with me (about the same size as a bar), and just carry water in my second bottle - I mix them out on the road as necessary. Really easy since the mix is 1 tab per 500ml.

Having bought a starter pack of all flavours I've settled on the citrus and cola flavours. I've gone off the Cola a little but the Citrus is great because it seems to mix with anything. A dash of Orange or Lemon Hi Juice is my favourite.

First swig always tastes of Alka Seltzer, suppose there's no way to avoid this given that that's basically what they are!