ProLite Carbon Seatpost, Orbea Carbon Bars, endura JetStream windstopper

by fred22   August 25, 2011  

Item 1

Pro lite Black 31.6 350mm San Vito full carbon seatpost: the head is alloy but the post is full carbon, not cosmetically wrapped. Excellent post, unfortunately for me it has an inherent setback of about 2cm and on my Boardman I dont need that. It is a great post and apparently Pro Lite were able to bend the post back 22 mm with 200kg of weight and it still would not break so you have no fear.

It has been used but is in really good condition, not a mark on the exposed part -as new (and as I run a lot of exposed seatpost it should be the same for you). The part that was previously inserted has that ever so light haze but is not scratched etc. Fitted by pro mechanic so always torqued correctly. Cheapest I can see, Ribble is £43.99 (cut throats) but I'll pack mine a lot better than they ever do and send it to you for £33.

Item 2

Zeus (Orbea's component brand) full carbon handlebars, CAT3 (not cat2). These are 44cm c-c with a wing profile at the top. Carbon weave in the middle until the part where the bar tape goes, then plain carbon. Superb shape, probably the most comfortable bars I've ever tried and super light too. Clamp marks where you'd expect but when you fit them these will be covered. Excellent condition, cost new well over £100, possibly 150 if you can get them, yours for £70 properly packed in a box and posted.

Item 3

Endura JetStream windstopper jacket, size medium, worn twice. Great jacket in excellent condition -one slight 'pull' in the material but this isnt noticeable, mentioned for the sake of completeness. I'm never going to wear this again, to be honest when its cold etc I just dont ride. £22 posted.

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Hi, what size is the jacket?

posted by pjay [242 posts]
25th August 2011 - 21:27

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sorry, missed that didn't I? It's medium, ad updated

posted by fred22 [209 posts]
25th August 2011 - 21:34


Pm sent re Endura jersey.

posted by mykaloon [2 posts]
26th August 2011 - 0:16


Interested in the bars and post - do a deal for them both?

posted by bashthebox [764 posts]
26th August 2011 - 9:20


Certainly, send me a message and we'll discuss

posted by fred22 [209 posts]
26th August 2011 - 10:22


Jacket provisionally sold pending payment

Re. the bars and seatpost as a bundle, there isnt much room to manoeuvre -I'm currently selling the bars for 70 and the seatpost for 33, =£103 which is pretty darn good, so I can only really knock a fiver off at most which would be £97 properly packed and posted for both.

That is a cracking price for full carbon seatpost and full carbon bars, quality brands and in excellent condition.

I'd hope to get 97 for both on Ebay so I cannot go below that.

posted by fred22 [209 posts]
26th August 2011 - 13:26