Busted Spoke....

by Comrade   August 23, 2011  

Hi Everyone!

One quick question for the techies out there....today I discovered that I had a (one) broken spoke on my rear wheel. Would you replace just that one or all 32?

Would you do this yourself or put it into the bike shop? (Its the standard wheel on the Giant SCR2; Alex DA22 700 and 3 years old).



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definitely try replacing the one spoke yourself. its very quick, cheap and easy to do. you just need a spoke key which are also very cheap. just make sure you get the correct length spoke by measuring the old one.

the only issue you may face is removing the spoke if its on the drive side. if so you need to take off the cassette - again not a big deal but it does require a couple of special tools (chain whip and cassette tool). Its useful to be able to do this though for cleaning an replacing the cassette when it needs replacing.

once you have the spoke replaced tighten to the same tension as those around it. you can true it in the wheel using the brake blocks as guides - loads of advice on the web and videos on youtube for reference.

if you get further spoke breakages then it may mean a bigger problem in which case replace the wheel - rebuilding your wheels wouldn't be worth the cost.

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posted by TheHatter [811 posts]
23rd August 2011 - 19:58


Thanks Hatter, I bought a spoke and the guy in the bike shop said I needed to wait a week for a slot in the repair shop.... so I shall take it to bits and fix it myself!


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posted by Comrade [174 posts]
24th August 2011 - 11:17