Just started road biking after mtbing for 8ish years. Any top training tip etc greatly appreciated. Loving the distance I can cover!!


downfader [213 posts] 6 years ago

The balance of the drops (if you have proper drop bars) can be slightly different to flatbar. Some get it straight off, people like me took a couple of weeks of gentle riding before I got into it.

Take it easy, to start with, its pretty much the same as MTB cadence-wise.

Where abouts are you based, perhaps someone can recommend some nice routes?

Keep the tyre pressures up to around the max it will take. Mine take 120psi, I roll better at 100-110. It will give you a smoother, faster ride.

Oh and my other tip is to find somewhere quiet and practice shifting and braking (on the drops and on the hoods). Theres some good videos on how to climb, brake, etc on youtube too.

Enjoy your ride!  16

mudplugga [3 posts] 6 years ago

Based in Trent valley staffs, routes would be a great help. Thanks for the Psi tip.