Manchester Wheelers

by mancsi   August 8, 2011  


Im based in central Manchester looking for a club to join, I always see people in Manchester Wheelers jersey's, any members on here? Also any members of any other clubs around Manchester?


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I'm in Manchester but not a member of a club, from what I can gather with the Wheelers (all second hand information so I cant vouch for the veracity of it) is that they do a number of runs for South Manchester, quite often from the Gateway in East Didsbury and they are apparently quite open to people turning up and joining in on the more sedate club rides.

As I say, I've never ridden with them myself so if they turn out to be a right bunch of sods I cant be held responsible, I would be pretty damn surprised though.

I'll should really look into doing a couple of rides out with them myself before the summers out.

posted by farrell [1601 posts]
10th August 2011 - 11:46


Manchester Wheelers are a friendly club and always welcome new members, there is plenty of information available on their website at

posted by bradwellpotter [3 posts]
20th August 2011 - 17:43


My mate Pete who hails from SW London and was a member of the South Western Road Club went to university in Manchester and found them friendly and welcoming. I mean they kicked his *ss all over the Pennines until he got used to it but the subsequent benefit has been that he never complains about hills.

posted by nick_rearden [859 posts]
2nd January 2012 - 14:34


There is also the excellent Chorlton Velo.

posted by chorltonjon [34 posts]
3rd January 2012 - 18:21


Do you have anymore information on Chorlton Velo please Jon?

posted by farrell [1601 posts]
5th January 2012 - 1:00