been looking around a lot for a good wheelset, but thought i'd get a few more opinions...

budget £400, not much more if i can help it (student budget and all that), campag freehub, either carbon or aluminium, whatever works!

torn between mid or shallow section as well, I want wheels that'll climb well, plus a wee bit of aero, but as a 65kg rider, not too much as i still want to climb fast!

Help!! Cheers

P.S. i currently run Aksiums, so they have to improve on them, i'll still use them as training wheels too


trek7000 [48 posts] 6 years ago

Have a look at Fulcrum Racing 3's their about £380 from Wiggle new. Pretty light at 1555g for set. Come in shimano or campag flavours. You don't need rim tape with these so save a bit more weight. Swapped my Shimano RS10's for these ealier this year and have noticed the difference.

Carvers [36 posts] 6 years ago

I am selling my Fulcrum Racing3's if interested.

They're Shimano freehub but you can get Campag freehubs to switch over fairly easily.

They're in great condition, only had since April from new. Loved them to bits but I've just gone burly with a set of Open Pro Ceramics so will miss these but have no space for 2 sets

Looking for £250

Can send pics if interested. my email is hedleycarverhill AT gmail DOT com

ireladntj [8 posts] 6 years ago

Carvers, if mb429 isn't interested, please could you send pics to

tom DOT ireland1 AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk


Simon E [3266 posts] 6 years ago

A student with £400 to spend on wheels??? What is the world coming to!

American Classic 420s are popular in our club, several people have them and are happy. Pro-Lite Braccianos had a very favourable review on this website. And don't discount Planet-X Model Bs, they would leave you some change for some fancy schmancy tyres or, more appropriately, MORE BEER  3

mb429 [73 posts] 6 years ago

Simon: ha parents are chipping in a bit, so i'm not paying the full £400, but sure what else is the student loan for but spending?

Carvers and trek7000: I've managed to get myself a nice set from a guy who lives just down the road from me, but thanks!

racingcondor [239 posts] 6 years ago

I'd either go handbuilt or stick with anything made by Campag.

Handbuilt will give you something tailored to you nicely (you could run some very light rims at your weight).

The Campag wheels aren't anything special on paper but in practice they're very well made and durable. Fulcrum 3's are excellent and presumably Campag do some 'own branded' wheels at that price as well?