Hi Guys,

Now that my first road bike build is in progress, I'd like to look at joining a cycle club close to me, so I can get out and about and (hopefully) improve my roadie fitness a bit.

I know of Ajax and Jif, who are both Cardiff-based. However I live in Penarth (just outside Cardiff), and don't drive so they're both a little bit out of reach for them to be 'local' to me. I don't really fancy dodging the early-morning weekend traffic in the city just to get to the start of the ride!

I wondered if anybody knew of any other cycle clubs in the Cardiff area that may be a little closer? The 2 that I've mentioned seem a little bit "serious" too (although they both state that they cater for all abilities) - basically I just want to go out for a ride on a Sunday morning with a group of people of similar ability!

Alternatively, if there are any people reading this who are in the same boat, and fancy a ride out one weekend through the Vale of Glamorgan, then let me know! I think I'm relatively fit (mountain biking for about the past 18-20 years), but I realise that road riding is a different beast altogether!


markyboy007 [22 posts] 6 years ago

Ajax are apparently a rather chilled out affair, with friendly club rides aplenty or a race side if you want.

Jif are apparently a more race orientated club, though with that they are reputed to be a little surly.

The best thing is to ask in the local bike shops for weekly rides, and start from there...

italiafirenze [70 posts] 6 years ago

Why are all the clubs named after household cleaners?