Consistency standings

by Gkam84   July 24, 2011  

I think this league needs re-jigging, because its not based on consistency at the moment, its just based on the best 45 stages

So if i had scored exactly 80 points for all 63 stages just now, i would be the most consistent, but thats not how its being judged just now

It should be renamed in its current format to "the best 45 stages"

Because the way it is just now, of course the top guys in the tours and overall are going to be top, that does not mean they are the most consistent, it just means they have the best 45 stages

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Yup agreed, it is an average of our top 45 stages, it almost exactly mirrors the season long standings, and the people in for the grand tours only or maybe only the tdf, cannot affect it because it is only 21 stages. I suppose it would favour people who were weak in the classics, if they were better in the gts.

posted by thefatcyclist [584 posts]
24th July 2011 - 20:20

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Maybe it could be average or total of the 89 stages with our top 20(15?) and bottom 20(15?) sliced off, so would remove our outlyers.

Or the totals from all the one day races plus average score of our grand tours, the TDS and DL divided by 16
( the 3 gts, 2 short tours, 11 one days)

With a qualifying number of races. Like all of them. Big Grin

posted by thefatcyclist [584 posts]
24th July 2011 - 20:33

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yeh also one day races tend to have lower scores anyway due to no intermediate sprints or KOM, and no overall standings points, so really come the end it will be just a reflection of the grand tours if you have done well in them as GT's will account of 60 stages anyway

posted by TERatcliffe26 [4522 posts]
25th July 2011 - 23:31

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The point of the 'consistency' league is to give an overall prize for people who are late to the game. So, if you've come in for the Tour de France and you do well in the Vuelta too, but you weren't around for the Giro, there's a good chance you'll be up there in the consistency league at the end of the season.

maybe 'consistency' isn't the right word. But we won't be changing the way the league is calculated. At least not this year. Another one for the whiteboard, then Smile

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7855 posts]
26th July 2011 - 11:33

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