Ok guys, here it is-


Used to be my regular ride back when I did a bit of cycling around the hills here. Live in sheffield for most of the year now (uni), so I don't get to take it out much these days.

It's been well-used... lots of scratches/chips along most of the frame, but mechanically still works fine.

Here's the problem----- there's a crack developing in the top part of the headtube. I thought this was just the paintwork at first but chipping a bit of the paint away sure enough shows that the frame does indeed seem to be cracked (see pictures). Maybe there's a way to secure it using some sort of welding/ring combination. I don't know.

With a full repair/frame replacement though this would be a solid bike for starting out or as a backup.

Bought about 6 years ago for ~£500. I'm looking for £200. Any offers welcome!

Any questions regarding the technical specification - just ask!



Gkam84 [9119 posts] 6 years ago

The problem is you cant really weld aluminium

Whats the spec of the groupset and wheels? i'd prob be interested in it if it wasn't cracked

You may be better selling it off in parts as if its higher spec your going to easy clear the £200

joshw [1 post] 6 years ago

It's all Veloce apart from the front derailleur (Mirage).

I don't know about the wheels- I must've peeled the stickers off at one point. They are the stock wheels that came with the bike though.

I'll see what sort of interest I get first before I go to selling off the parts. I've not got too much time for that at the moment. If someone takes it for £200 and gets £250's worth out of the parts, good luck to them!  1

I think even if the frame needed a total replacement, this would be a nice first road bike / backup. How much is an equivalent alu frame these days?

I know it was ideal for when I was starting out.  4

Barneyballbags [21 posts] 6 years ago

Whilst you can't really weld aluminium with any great ease, you can get a strengthening band put around the headtube to prevent it from cracking further.

I've seen this done on lots of retro Pace and Answer MTB frames and it's not expensive.