Cycling Spectators

by Johnny Bravo   July 22, 2011  

Can anything be done about those idiots who call themselves cycling fans. The ones who dress up as a chicken or some other idiotic superhero and insist on running along beside the top stars.
They are not there for the cycling they just want there 10 seconds on the TV showing their backsides to the world.
One day the outcome of a major tour will be changed due to one of these idiots.

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That punch from Bertie was nice. Though, I really prefer that actions like that are not required.

I'd like that the few such idiots are controlled without putting the thousands of responsible fans behind crowd barriers on large sections of the race.


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posted by rbx [243 posts]
22nd July 2011 - 17:01

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I did like the Contador one, someone dressed as a doctor trying to take his heart beat, then got a slap for it, all in good fun Devil

What i didn't like was Dutch corner's reaction to Voeckler, idiots Angry

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posted by Gkam84 [9038 posts]
22nd July 2011 - 17:14

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Yeah what was going on at Dutch corner with Voeckler? He looked uncharacteristically pissed off. I don't know how the riders restrain themselves sometimes. I was listening to Sean Kelly on Eurosport and he was talking about how all you can do when you're right on the edge ploughing up the hill is hope these guys will step out of the way at the last second...since most of them have been chugging back Oranjeboom for hours by the time the riders get there it's a miracle there aren't loads of accidents.

Great stage today gotta love the Tour haven't you? Smile

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posted by Martin Thomas [584 posts]
22nd July 2011 - 17:24

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They're fu**ing idiots and need to be dealt with. As Johnny Bravo says, one day something serious will happen and a deserving rider will miss out on a win.

The only thing I can think of is motorcycle outriders on each side of the road that force the spectators back and clear a path. That way the riders at the front don't get a drafting advantage from a larger vehicle.

posted by Gromski [40 posts]
22nd July 2011 - 18:05

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I think the cloggie's were upset about Voeckler riding on when Johnny Barb-wire was knocked off

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posted by Gkam84 [9038 posts]
22nd July 2011 - 18:23

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Only wish I was there with them instead of the bloody cold NZ winter

posted by chromo1990 [43 posts]
24th July 2011 - 9:01

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it's totally stupid but it does mean you can enjoy some time shouting through the TV at some fat guy in a mankini My throat really was sore when that woman knocked down half the peleton on stage 1


posted by cool guy 999 [54 posts]
24th July 2011 - 19:41

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It's only gonna take one idiot to ruin someone's career. Imagine if someone had gotten too close to Evans during the TT and he'd come off. It makes me sick watching it sometimes.

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posted by Cooks [492 posts]
25th July 2011 - 12:03

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Remember that pratt that attacked Lance on the ITT up Alp d 'Huez ?

Well i was in Bourg Oisans watching the screen when i saw the incident . Had to go to the bottom of the hill to await the driver of a van and guess who wandered past ?

Whistled up a Gendarme and explained the situation so he was detained ! He admitted his "stupidity" and the Gendarme tried hard to get the necessary permission to detain the chump but it was a no go , as no one from the team wanted to press the matter further ! The wally was really contrite whilst detained but wandered off as cocky as could be when the Gendarme was unable to get permission to effect tyhe "arrest " !


CADEL has done us all proud and a "Guerini moment " may have made a huge difference for the Schlecks ! Checkout my blogs and add your input where you can !

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posted by skippy [392 posts]
25th July 2011 - 18:30

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There's a balance. Some of the greatest television scenes and photographs are of riders slogging up the hills with passionate fans either side of them (and no barriers). I for one wouldn't want to see that change. There will always be the odd idiot, but that's life.

posted by bobalicious [5 posts]
26th July 2011 - 8:45

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Arguably the result was changed in this TDF, iirc the woman who brought down the peloton held up Contador and he carried those seconds for the rest of the tour. Might not have made a difference in the end, but the psychology of being 4minutes down vs 90 seconds down must count for a lot. He was probably just knackered from the giro though...

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posted by zzgavin [208 posts]
26th July 2011 - 13:24

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Some fans are great though;


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posted by Wooliferkins [49 posts]
27th July 2011 - 15:41

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