I built my first bike up this spring after getting into cycling seriously over past few years. I built it up around the Kinesis Granfondo frameset. The only problem is that I don't like the geometry infact I dislike it quite a lot any sign of a breeze and it feels like I'm riding a raleigh chopper into a gale

My other bike is a Wilier Laveredo which I prefer. Ideally I'd like a frame with a slightly more aggressive setup than the Laveredo. Alloy would be prefered option.

Does anyone have experience of a lively alloy frame that they would recommend. Oh and one that doesn't break the bank (again! - Granfondo frameset anyone?)


mr-andrew [300 posts] 4 years ago

Have you looked at Ribble? And what size is the Gran Fondo?

lazyusername [101 posts] 4 years ago

The dedaccacai EM2 frame is current fav, has anyone ridden one? I am erring on the carbon seatstay option do they make that much difference

Gran Fondo is a 57cm and is on the verge of being too big for me, is ok with 90 stem - just