Looking at the team classification times and individual times for the Tour de France, the numbers do not seem to add up, does anyone know why?

For example, the top 3 Europcar riders have a time of 207 42 42 (individual times of 69 00 56; 69 10 49; 69 30 57) however the team has an official time of 206 39 38.

I thought the TTT may have something to do with it, but I cannot find anyway that it fits in, the time by the way was 25 38.

It is important really, but is just annoying.

Thanks in advance


nickobec [246 posts] 6 years ago

Team time = 1st 3 finishers from each team in each stage.

So if you have team times from each stage it will add up. But individual times no the do not add up.