That'll learn ya.

by arrieredupeleton   July 12, 2011  

David Zabriskie broke his wrist on Sunday. He was also attempting to become the first vegan to complete the tour. I cant help think a little more calcium would have helped David. Johnny H probably eats raw meat. No forget that.....

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You dont get weak bones from being a vegan, if you eat the right balance you could in theory have more energy and stamina than those who eat meat

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posted by Gkam84 [9075 posts]
12th July 2011 - 16:29


Depends on the vegan, I know vegans who would probably snap in two if they fell off a bike but by the same token I know vegans who would probably dent the tarmac.

I'd imagine a pro-cyclist taking on the tour has his diet well sorted regardless of being a Vegan or vegetarian or whatever.

posted by farrell [1602 posts]
12th July 2011 - 17:34