I'm wondering if anyone knows a route from London (preferably Clapham / Wandsworth) to Box Hill that avoids the A217 south of Sutton?

Got a bit of a fright on that road last week when I had a few half-eaten bananas thrown at me followed by a close call with a long truck.

The only alternate route I can figure is through Surrey Downs. Does anyone here know of a more direct route to Box Hill while still avoiding the A217?



Gkam84 [9113 posts] 6 years ago

Try this, i had a look but i dont know anything down that way where are you might know the roads and places http://www.transportdirect.info/Web2/JourneyPlanning/FindCycleInput.aspx...

joemmo [1164 posts] 6 years ago

Hi - back in the days when I lived around Tolworth and Surbiton I used to ride out to the N Downs via the A243 to Leatherhead then on to Holmbury, Leith Hill etc. Not sure it could be described as any safer than other routes but it is reasonably direct and mostly 30/40 mph limit and suburban IIRC. From Leatherhead you could take the B2033 to Box Hill.

Just taken a streetview tour of that route and got all nostalgic...

abudhabiChris [691 posts] 6 years ago


Yes I know a good route quite well - it's a regular Sunday morning ride from my place in Tooting when I'm in the UK.

From Clapham get down to Tooting/Streatham and onto Mitcham Lane (A216).

At Mitcham, instead of taking the A217 go on the A237 down past Mitcham Common towards Carshalton. You go alongside Beddington Park and then get to a set of lights at the intersection with the A232.

Turn right there and follow the A232 past Carshalton Ponds. You gradually turn left and there's a little rise past a mini-roundabout and a set of lights - if you turned right and stayed on the A232 it would take you to Sutton. But go straight through the lights and up the hill - it's the B278 and goes past Carshalton Beeches rail station.

Stay on that road for quite a long way - pretty soon after that you are out of the suburbs and go past some woodland and I think the Oaks golf club or something.

Just after that turn right at the roundabout and then left at the next one - they are virtually adjacent. Still on the B278 but now you're going up Woodmansterne Hill.

At the top of the hill turn left for a fast descent down to Chipstead Valley Road (B2032) and turn right.

Take that quite a way until you get to Kingswood and cross the rail bridge. Turn left immediately after the bridge and that road takes you up the Tadworth roundabout - you would have come out there if you took the A217. Second exit and you're on the Dorking Road past Walton Heath golf club - I assume you'll recognise it from there.

I usually take the right and go through Headley and down to Lodge Bottom road to get around to the Zig Zag.

It's not as direct as the A217 but generally less heavy traffic, certainly on a weekend. There are long stretches where you have very little hard shoulder though, but see if you think it is better. Certainly a little more scenic.