Okay I apparently made a transfer but it screwed my team up

by Gavin Smith Leds   July 2, 2011  

I went to put a transfer through transferring Phillipe Gilbert out of my team and bringing Tony Martin into my team.

The transfer said it complete but underneath the transfer complete it said error, when I went back to the site, the transfers navigation tab has gone and been replaced with a pick your team.

I have my original 8 riders with my 9th Phillipe Gilbert missing, no Tony Martin and for some reason I only have 15.4 credits left, not even enough to buy another all rounder.

I've sent an email off to their support system, but the transfer system appears to be very buggy so I'd advise against anyone making any changes tonight.

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Right now, no-one can make changes because Dave is working on a fix

You get this at the page "The game is currently being updated. Please check back soon."

So it will be sorted out

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posted by Gkam84 [9027 posts]
2nd July 2011 - 19:51


indeed it will, and soon. apologies for the downtime.

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7492 posts]
2nd July 2011 - 19:59