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by neildmoss   June 27, 2011  

I see a lot of articles about nutrition, lactic thresholds, VO2 max, intervals training and the like, and this is all helpful.

However, I see very little discussing actual pedalling technique.

Does anyone know of a reference, or can publish top tips, about the best way to pedal? I feel like I just go "left push down, right push down" as if I didn't have clips or straps. Should I be doing something like "left push/right pull, right push/left pull", or doing something like trying to keep putting power in "all the way round"?

Always looking for new ideas...



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Are you after advice or someone to write an article? My experience is that sitting in the saddle and pedalling 360 is the most efficient in terms of mph per calorie. But is not faster uphill where the approach is dependant on length and gradient of the hill. Pedalling 360 requires concentration and may initially make you go slower as any fundamental change will. You will find that changes in gradient or negotiating junctions will distract you and will cause you to revert to your old style. Sticking with it will allow the new style to become normal. I am sure I have either read or heard this. Will look around for references. Does this help?

posted by SideBurn [912 posts]
2nd July 2011 - 13:10


Advice or article - either will do. Since my post, I've found a couple of articles, one talking about "360" and another describing "wiping the feet".

Trying the "wipe" approach seemed to work quite well on the flat, but I soon tired the muscles unused to such an action. Just that short experiment convinced me that I am not working efficiently. It's something I will work on when on the trainer.

If anyone has any favoured "pedal thoughts", I'd like to hear them.


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posted by neildmoss [242 posts]
2nd July 2011 - 14:29