Feel free to add anyone you know of that i haven't listed

With a few national championships taking place today, i thought i'd list the winners

Matt Brammier (HTC) Irish Road Race and Time Trial
Brad Wiggins (SKY) British Road Race
Philippe Gilbert (OPO) Belgian Road Race
Sylvain Chavanel (QST) French Road Race
Jani Brajkovic (RSH) Slovenian Time Trial
Fumiyuki Beppu (RSH) Japanese Road Race
Bert Grabsch (HTC) German Time Trial
Robert Wagner (LEO) German Road Race
Pim Ligthart (VCD) Dutch Road Race
Adriano Malori (LAM) Italian Road Race
Fabian Cancellara (LEO) Swiss Road Race
Frank Schleck (LEO) Luxembourg Road Race
Nicki Sorensen (SBS) Danish Road Race