Right. You all know the story. Training for Etape, twatted off my bike by a twat in a twatmobile. Can't do it anymore.

Anyone still looking for a place to stay for a week in a nice private let studio flat just next to the finish line in Alpe d'Huez? Very reasonable rate and nice place to stay.... Also have a spare entry going.

Get in touch if so and I'll put you in touch with the owner and hopefullY get my deposit back ;(

Thanks people.



dlp [51 posts] 6 years ago


I'm sorry (but I have to say not surprised) that you didn't make it to L'etape. I hope your recovery continues and that you get back to fitness soon. I saw a sports physio for a bike fit and he informally told me a stretch to do and then said to just get back on (as long as it didn't hurt/was manageable).

If you haven't seen a sports physio (note this is different to an NHS physio) then I highly recommend it.

I hope you get some of your money back too, good luck.