The low down here:http://www.topolinotech.com/700c-clincher-wheel.shtml

The C19 combines light weight and incredible responsiveness with our unrivalled ride quality. The C19 graces the scales at fewer than 1400 grams per pair, yet is durable enough for everyday riding. Feather light climbing, vibration damping comfort, and laser precise cornering all come in one package with the C19. Topolino's composite wheel technology is nothing short of revolutionary! Experience the wheel that started it all, the Revelation II C19.

Carbon core spokes, carbon hub body. Minimal rim wear.
There is a 'tick' that can be felt from the bearings when you spin the wheel, but they are otherwise smooth - fully sealed, replaceable bearings. Some surface roughness to the laquer on a few of the spokes, but certainly no damage to the carbon core.
Selling for a friend who damaged the rim on the rear.
The pair is around $900 new.
£60 posted.
photos via email address: andytrousers AT hotmail DOT com.
Manufacturer pics:http://www.topolinotech.com/products/c19.php