Funds Reset for TdF

by Timbo13   June 19, 2011  

As I understood it, we were all going to have our credits reset to 175 before the TdF (?and cyclist values were being reset too?).

Just been on the Pick Your Team option tonight, and I've still got all my accumulated credits. It even allowed me to pick El Beef Cheat, so the transfer system ain't even disabled.

If you're going to enforce this credit reset, it'd be best to do it now before people start picking provisional teams on the basis of their current funds. After all, surely only a small percentage of the players must read this forum.

Or has the decision changed?

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nope, the decision stands and we'll be doing this today... plus there will be an email going out to everyone. the game will be unavailable for an hour or so while we make the changes.

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7743 posts]
20th June 2011 - 9:38


My money! My precious money! Noooooooooo!

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20th June 2011 - 12:11

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