I'm due to take part in the Etape du Tour 2011 on the 11th July (ie the Alpe d'huez one). I got my place independently and haven't thought about accommodation yet. Does anyone have any good advice on accommodation options in Modane? The cheaper the better and I'm happy to camp!

Also I've not been sent anything by the organisers, is that normal?

Thanks, Jack


SPAM Naval [139 posts] 6 years ago

its normal not to get sent anything. you'll need to pick up your number and chip at the village. Check out the englsh language version of the official site as its got all the information you'll need.
The key thing to bring with you will be the medical certificate signed by your doctor. You won't be able to participate without it - you can download the format from the official site as well.
Accomodation around Modane I found relatively easily to find.
Good luck and see you there zooming up Alpe D'Huez!!

adamsonjack [5 posts] 6 years ago

Thank you very much for all that info. Not sure about the 'Zooming' up Alpe D'Huez though!? 'Slogging it' will be more accurate term!