So, Cav's to Sky in 2012. What does this mean for the team's TdF dreams? Can they serve Brad for the yellow and Cav for the green? Is there modern precedent for this?


pdaughtrey [2 posts] 7 years ago

It's a move which is as surprising as it is predictable.

Bradley in yellow at the Tdf? Really? OK, great Dauphine but do we all, honestly hand on heart actually ever see Bradley Wiggins winning the Tdf?

OK. So if we can't see it perhaps Dave Brailsford and Bradley himself can't see it either.

So.....a change of plan is required. A British sprinter winning the green jersey on a British team. Add in the possibility that Cav will be in the worlds jersey nexy year and the Olympic Road Race in 2012 and it really feels like it was the obvious choice.

Anyway - Rabobank 2008. Freire in green and Menchov 3rd in GC.