I am a patient sort of person. But recent developments on this online game ae pushing me tothe limit!

I joined this Fantasy Game just after the Giro started.
Thouroughly enjoyed it, thought the admin was first class!
Well done Dave et al!

Then, comes the DL/ TdS debacle.

And then again today, I try to make transfers about 22.00. Get one through, second comes up against brick wall! Eternal slow loop, ' you haven't specified two transfers' ..et al

This is A GAME. I have enjoyed it. But I should not be spending hours fighting the systems! Maybe I will spend more time with my grandchildren.


Gkam84 [9118 posts] 7 years ago
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Crazy, chill out, as mentioned yesterday, there were server problems, Dave was/is working on them, but i'm guessing its a database issue and then are not the easiest to fix, finding the problem can sometimes be hit or miss and then figuring out what went wrong and how to correct it can be a nightmare  26

the fluoxetine kid [21 posts] 7 years ago

we can all understand your frustration but the guy is running a FREE GAME and doing his best I imagine he will be feeling the same. Its been a victim of its own success in a way, needs to be simpler next year perhaps

Gkam84 [9118 posts] 7 years ago

I agree Fluoxetine, although i dont think it needs to be simpler

I think because its been advertised by alot of other parties other than Evans and Road.cc people have latched on to the idea of winning a top of the range bike for doing something they enjoy

All you need to do is have a little idea about cycle racing and the riders, then pick some, you never know, if your knowledge and or luck is good you may win something and they have gone on and told their friends, hence its just got bigger

I think the problem has come about after the "invite your friends" email and ads went out, cant remember how much it was, but you can win something for inviting people

I haven't invited anyone because i'm a lone cyclist, not part of a club or anything, but club members could spread the word and soon a whole club could be on, multiply that by any number of people, then you can see that problems may arise by the number of people accessing the site and the limitations of the server load thats in place

Personally, i've seen the numbers shoot up since i joined before the season started and its just got bigger and bigger, which i think is a great thing, but can come with its own problems

Lets just hope the bugs get fixed and the game can run smoothly for the TdF

I'm kinda glad the problems have showed up now, imagine if we were a couple of stages into the TdF and it happened, i think there would be a bigger uproar, but as its just a warm it race and nothing is at stake, its not so bad

Just sit back and enjoy, it will get fixed and we'll be back trying to spread the credits out to get a decent team in time for the TdF  4

WolfieSmith [1396 posts] 7 years ago

I wouldn't worry that 'a whole club could be on'. My club has close to 100 members and out of that perhaps 10 are aware of Fantasy Cycling and only me and one other saddo have the time to waste playing it! I'm not interested in winning anything (which is just as well...) but it gives me an extra interest in watching on the sometimes lamentable Eurosport.

The most valuable human sense is a sense of perspective. If I was Dave I'd cancel next year and leave the nerds to start their own server - or perhaps get out on their bikes a bit more?