Whats you thinking of Cross Top Brake Lever (as on Cycro cross Bikes) on Road Bikes.
I do ride with my hands on the top bar alot and I fell much much safer that I can brake with the Cross Top Brake Levers.
Are they ok or over kill?


Gkam84 [9113 posts] 6 years ago

Personally i like to have my bars as uncluttered as possible, its bad enough having my lights and phone/computer on there without having another thing

But i tend you ride if i'm upright with my hands on the hoods and my pinkie and next finger onto the levers, so wouldn't need another brake

Its all about personal preference tho, if you feel you want one, go get one

IOM Paddy [38 posts] 6 years ago

When I changed to a drop bar bike - I had some fitted. As my previous atempt at a drop bar did not fit very well so I felt I was constantly stretching to hit the breaks.
On the new bike that fits after the first couple of rides I really don't use them and just see them as extra weight.

But it's all about what makes you happy and is right for you.