Made a major cock up of not taking this little "two races on at the same time without unlimited transfers" into account. I'm pretty much down and out as I have really enhoyed the playing so far. This is my fault though for not looking at the stage lists and realising it. This is where experience or at least more active on the forum may have helped. So with this rule as I understand it I will need quite a few days to get an active team going again.

As I understand it without 9 active riders in the race you can't score points? Is this correct or am I missing something? Or with my list of half full TdS roster will I still score some points?


Gkam84 [9119 posts] 6 years ago

Yeah your kinda right, this is how it works

You always need to have 9 riders in your team to be able to score points

You HAVE to have 9 active riders at the start of a race, so after an unlimited period you do need 9 riders in the next race, but as the unlimited was cancelled, you just need to have 9 riders, with any amount being in the TdS

For instance, some people stuck with the DL, so might have had 9 riders on the final stage of that, there for, the max they can have in the TdS today would be 4, but because its not the start of the TdS then you can get away with that and the 4 would score, if they are in scoring positions

As long as you have 9 riders in your team, you will score for any who score in the TdS

dave atkinson [6360 posts] 6 years ago
Gkam84 wrote:

You HAVE to have 9 active riders at the start of a race

You don't *have* to have 9 active riders at any time. so long as you have nine selected, you're fine.

The 'you must have nine' rule is there for two reasons:

1) it stops you spending all your money on your six best picks;
2) if you have less than nine you get the 'pick riders' screen, not the 'transfers', and you can make unlimited changes.

9lives2 [30 posts] 6 years ago

I want my Sunday unlimited back the game is stressing me as some ppl say their team did not revert to last DL stage on reset! AND it stayed 'unlimited' pick status Unfair!