The new sortable rider list

by Sanderville   June 13, 2011  

Not liking this new feature at all. It defaults to being disabled every time the page refreshes. Means I have to do three extra clicks for each transfer.


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I think its just a temp measure until the server is sorted out

Thats me just reading between the lines from what i've read over todays threads, so might just have to put up with it for a wee while until things get back to normal, No its not great, but i'm sure it will get fixed soon

Dave's fingers must be stumps now Sad

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posted by Gkam84 [9370 posts]
13th June 2011 - 22:32


same here..i cant get it to sort into order at all .. not only have i missed a day and returned to carnage, i can forsee this taking an age to refresh when using iphone Sad ..

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posted by carl simpson [54 posts]
14th June 2011 - 19:23


the big list of riders was one of the things that was using a lot of server resources, so we've cached that information. but it's difficult to sort when it's cached, hence the sortable table script. we're working towards a solution, whereby all the sort options are cached. only so many hours in the day though Smile

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7857 posts]
14th June 2011 - 19:35