I have managed to lose my cycling shoes (don't ask...I could spit) and I'm mulling over whether to finally make the switch to road - rather than MTB - pedals when I buy some new ones.

I've stuck with my old faithful Time Atac XS MTB pedals for years because I've never really seen the need to use anything else. They're very comfy, and a helluva lot easier to get in and out of than many road pedals I've seen - and I can walk normally in MTB shoes, which is a major bonus if you ask me.

But lately I've noticed some pain in my feet (a kind of deep muscular ache in my arches, esp on the right foot) that just might be related to my choice of pedals/shoes. So I figured perhaps the bigger platform offered by a road pedal might be worth a try.

Which brings me to my question: as a long-term Time fan I'm thinking about getting some RXS First pedals - mainly because of the amount of float they offer but also cos they're relatively cheap. Does anyone have experience of these pedals? Any thoughts? I'll almost certainly be using them with Specialized shoes, as they seem to fit me better than anything else. Any compatibility/fit issues?

TIA for any pointers.


mr-andrew [300 posts] 5 years ago

Can't say I have any experience with the First, but RXS are great. They are amazing comfy and the float really makes a massive difference compared to some pedals. They can be a right bugger to clip into though - especially if your coming from MTB pedals.

Martin Thomas [383 posts] 5 years ago

Thanks - I went with the RXS in the end, together with the most ridiculously gorgeous Specialized shoes (last year's Pro Roads - on a hefty discount) and I'm very happy and comfy as a result. You're right about clipping in though. I've been reduced to ill-coordinated flappings about at many junctions already.