Hi, Ive got hold of a pair of zipp vuka carbon fibre extensions to go onto my road bike to allow me to train for the triathlons this summer but I dont have the clamps etc for them. I know the vuka bullet clamps are avialable but they cost about £120 so was wondering if anyone here, with your combined wealth of experience, has any suggestions about where to get some basic clamps and arm pads from.

cheers in advance


the-daily-ripper [174 posts] 8 years ago

Depends really - Planet-x do just the clamps, but depends whether your extensions will fit or not. They also do full sets with extensions for not that much.

I've got a set of short Vision ones (which is FSA's more racing line) which I find good, but for racing I think I'll go full carbon for the weight saving.

Have been pretty impressed with the advantage you get against the wind from just holding a more aero position - I reckon probably about 0.5mph as standard thus far, which should boost my times a little bit.

cactuscat [285 posts] 8 years ago

what diameter are the extensions? could you buy a cheap set of dedas (http://www.probikekit.com/display.php?code=K0132) and swap out the extensions?