Does anyone do both?
I've been away from BC racing for years since racing in the LVRC. Now I'm struggling with the shorter circuit style racing typical of LVRC races.
Does anyone think that 3/4th races are a bit longer and slower? my local LVRC is almost like a bunch TT and actually not that enjoyable when it's the same circuit week in week out.


monty dog [465 posts] 6 years ago

Depends whereabouts you are and what circuits you're riding - the LVRC RR I rode last week was 92km - I don't think you'll find a 3/4 Cat race that long anywhere. Generally, the LVRC races around here - region 9/10 are about 50 miles. Can't speak for the circuit races at the likes of Hoghill.

oldgit [24 posts] 6 years ago

I'm Region 7 which is dominated by MK Bowl races, and I think about five open road races.
My last open road race was I thought to be held on a circuit I was familiar with (Cranfield) but instead it was a shorter 14 lap version.
I'm looking to do the bigger 4 lap races of old?