Dauphine and Tour de suisse overlap

by Dseddon1   May 31, 2011  

Please can someone explain how the scoring and team selection will work for the 2 overlapping stages? Am I missing something? Will we get 2 teams? First time doing the fantasy cycling. Sorry if its a stupid question...

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It's going to be a bit contrived. From what I understand, for the 2 overlap days you get more transfers, and you can pick from both start lists. Each of your riders will be given points based on their performance in the series they are riding in. Potentially you can pick both winners and get loads of points, but as you can still only have one GC guy, one sprinter etc. it'll mean some very careful picking to maximise your points on each day.


posted by stewieatb [299 posts]
31st May 2011 - 21:25

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Thanks Stewie. Appreciate the info. Dan

Ride it like a G6

posted by Dseddon1 [13 posts]
31st May 2011 - 21:32

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We might be lucky because the way it is looking.

Day 1 of the Tour de Suisse is a TT against a big mountain stage in the Dauphine

Day 2 of the tour de Suisse is a mountain top finish
against a mountain top finish in the Dauphine.

So for the first day id'd kick in with the all rounders and fast me for the TDS and the climbers and men near the top of the dauphine classement..

For the second day mm much more difficult depends who has the jesrey and if they want to defend it in the TDS, and how close the dauphine is looking.

Or you might just copy the guys near the top of our league table. Smile

Rumour has it that Leopard are fielding their TDF team, so that is a huge point of note.

posted by thefatcyclist [584 posts]
31st May 2011 - 23:29


Ok, the truth is this is an issue we had (!) this year! Smile Dave, can't you figure out a way to include the Tour de Suisse this year? Maybe have a parking lot page where we could enter the team for the Tour de Suisse concurrently? Or an option where you could abandon one race to do the other one - if what you're seeking is to gain points for the overall competition as opposed to winning either competition individually? It may be an obscene amount of work but - I'd love to have both races! Smile

posted by lucas [78 posts]
10th January 2012 - 22:51

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