Anyone recomend a track pump?

by TheHatter   April 19, 2009  

I'm looking for a track pump around £30 - any recomendations? at the moment this Silca one is favourite:

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We've got a review coming up in a couple of weeks of the Topeak Joe Blow Sprint, which is a tenner more but does get a very good review and there's a few more here

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posted by Tony Farrelly [4201 posts]
19th April 2009 - 14:03


I have got a topeak joe blow, cost about £40 I think and is very reliable. Gest high pressures into tyres easily and feels like it will last many many years to come.

not all carbon is the same.

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posted by Jon Burrage [1081 posts]
19th April 2009 - 17:17


Cheers - I'm hoping the p* fairy might make less visits if I'm sure I have the correct pressure.
The revolution one on this site looks great value.

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posted by TheHatter [811 posts]
19th April 2009 - 21:20


if it's value you're looking for you can't really go wrong with the revolution, it really is a lot of pump for the money. there's not much below £30 that offers significantly more.

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7854 posts]
19th April 2009 - 22:17


Parkers were doing the SKS Rennkompressor for £36 when I bought mine - out of your budget, I know, but you'll never need another track pump.

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posted by John_the_Monkey [428 posts]
20th April 2009 - 9:48


Had my joe Blow for 4 years now, never had a problem and works very well; mate with one would say the same.

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posted by narch [120 posts]
20th April 2009 - 10:42


Another vote for the Joe Blow Sprint here. Very reliable, have had 120psi into my tyres with no problem, long hose and an air release button. Also, and most importantly, the valve disengages easily - doing away with the old 'knuckles on spokes' scenario.

posted by silverpigeon [9 posts]
21st April 2009 - 23:11


Another +1 for the Joe Blow.

I had a Park Tool one before which IIRC was in the same price bracket but leagues behind in terms of quality.

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posted by Iwein Dekoninck [133 posts]
28th April 2009 - 10:09


thanks for the advice above - I finally ended up buying a track pump and took the advice of er... no-one (sorry!). I plumped for the BBB cheapo and I'm really impressed. Having never used a track pump before I'd only ever pumped up my tyres as hard as I could using my topeak mini pump I can't believe how under pressured my tyres were. Now I'm bang on 110 and hoping that I'll be spending far less time at roadside fixing punctures.

If this pump does fail me or when I have a bit more spare cash I think I'll splah out on the Rennkompressor or Joe Blow but for now the BBB from Parker Int is doing the job.

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posted by TheHatter [811 posts]
23rd May 2009 - 13:11