Thought I'd show off my new(ish) ride....

If anyone's been wondering, how could I make my hipster tastic fixed gear a bit more practical? Here's one option; add a hub gear!

The original frame was a Lemond Fillmore from 2008, with 120mm spacing and track drop-outs.

As you can see, the hub gear is operated using one clamp-on cable stop, and a sturmey archer bar-end shifter mounted 'on the wrong way' (for left-handed shifting) with the gear cable almost completely housed. Other than that, one cable-tie on the down-tube, and a couple by the bottom bracket, and done!

What do you think?

Other than a 'it can be done' post. If my new work lacks shower facilities, I may be putting it up for sale. Given that other than the frame it bears little resemblance to a Lemond Fillmore, I'm having trouble valuing it:

It's specs:

Sturmey Archer SRF 3 laced to DT Swiss R450 - New in October 2010 - Mavic Aksium Silver 2008 - New in May 2011 (good ole CRC!)
Lemond Fillmore Steel frameset (with chips and scuffs from 3 years service!)
Speedium 2 Tyres - New May 2011
Everything else as stock (i.e. low end Bontrager)

What's it worth? Or is it all subjective (i.e. nothing!)